Yankee fans are insufferable.

Check this comment left at Bronx Banter this morning:

Additionally, while I am very pleased that the Yankees are in a tie for first place after such a shit storm first 25% of the season, beating the Rangers two out of three in Arlington eerily reminds me of taking two out of three in Toronto after losing the first one to Halladay. In other words, I’m not very impressed when they do what they are supposed to do against a bunch of “Meh.” Let’s see them win a series against Philly, or Boston, or the Mets in a convincing fashion you know, over one or more of the better teams in baseball instead of the pretenders in Toronto and Texas on the road before we start making confetti for their parade down the Canyon of Heroes.

So let me see. 12 wins in their last 15 games. 2 out of 3 from the then leaders in the AL East, and the leaders in the AL West. They swept a Minnesota team that just kicked Boston’s ass. All that without Posada. Yep, the Yankees better get their shit together, first place is not fucking good enough.

I totally understand why people hate Yankee fans.


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