Starters, not Finishers


On the average MLB team, the starters pitch 65% of the innings and the bullpens pitch about 35%. Currently the Yankees are at about 60-40. You could argue that Wang’s disasterous outings are skewing that number and you’d be right, but Andy Pettitte is skewing it right back.

Now you might wonder, is the problem with over burdening the bullpen, the fact that our bullpen isn’t very good, or is our bullpen not very good because they are being overburdened. I’m not sure. I don’t think our pen is as bad as it has looked, and I believe part of the problem is that it’s being stretched frequently in the early going.


The real problems here are with Wang, and that’s sorta being addressed, and Joba, who had one start where he went 75% of the way, but two others where he only went 50% of the way. Sabathia has been a little inconsistent too. If the starters can get deeper into games, I think our pitching situation will improve greatly.


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